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Alexander's fame long outlasted the ancient world. Christian writers wondered: Did the monstrous races whom Alexander met, the Sciapods and the rest of them, have souls? Could they be saved? Were they, indeed, in our world at all, and included in God's plan of salvation? His legend assumed more exotic forms. Alexander encounters the Amazons, a nation of women warriors, and has a love affair with their queen. He visits the fabulous island of Taprobane, sometimes identified with Ceylon, where he finds a Utopia: no slavery, and universal good health and longevity. The Earthly Paradise comes to play a part in his story.

Alexander seeks for immortality and almost -- but not quite -- attains it. On Mount Qaf he meets the angel of death, who tells him to stop worrying about mortal glory.
He becomes a Muslim -- a striking anachronism: he lived a thousand years before the Prophet -- and conquers Andalusia for the faith. He reaches the distant Land of Darkness. He goes in search of Adam's tomb. He attains the Water of Life but is unable to drink from it. Jewish accounts say that he was favored by Enoch and Elijah. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim stories all depict him receiving both rebukes and edification from their respective moral teachers.

Mad About the Boy, a review by Jasper Griffin on Alexander the Great: A Life in Legend by Richard Stoneman, Powells Book).

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