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Ini antara apa yang ingin disampaikan dalam novel PERANG ARMAGEDON. Sukacita diingatkan, buku ini sebuah novel atau karya fiksyen berdasarkan tafsiran ulama dan teori konspirasi.

The fall of Fallujah was widely reported by the global media in early 2014. Jabhat Al-Nusra were originally members of the Jihad in Iraq, who moved to Syria to fight the al-Assad regime; this is the only link between what is taking place Iraq and Syria. What is taking place in Iraq is the result of the US invasion and the Iraqi people turning against the corrupt Maliki government.

Fallujah and the Anbar province were both the heart of the insurgency against the US. The US was able to co-opt the Shi’a factions in South Iraq, but failed to achieve this in central Iraq which is dominated by Sunnis. It took a brutal siege in 2004 to put down the insurgency, with reports continuing to emerge of the use of chemical weapons by US forces.

The nations in the Middle East were created to ensure they remain weak and under subjugation. It should be remembered throughout history, Syria’s borders were much larger than they are today; Al-Sham consisted of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and parts of South Turkey.

It should be kept in mind, when the Decree of Allah comes, all material obstacles can be overcome. Historically the most profound example was that of the first Islamic State established by Rasulullah SAW, in the isolated meagre deserts of Arabia, surrounded by the mighty Roman and Persian Empires. Yet the Khilafah within a short span of time was able to overcome these two empires and expanded across multiple continents.

The current architecture in the Muslim world was designed by the departing colonialists and in designing the region every care was taken to ensure that it remained reliant and subservient to foreign powers. One strategy employed by both Britain and France was to bring minorities to power (such as al-Assad in Syria), who would always rely on external help to remain in power.

David Fromkin, Professor and expert on Economic History at the University of Chicago, in his book: “A Peace to End All Peace: Creating the Modern Middle East”, encapsulated the strategy:
“Massive amounts of the wealth of the old Ottoman Empire were now claimed by the victors. But one must remember that the Islamic empire had tried for centuries to conquer Christian Europe and the power brokers deciding the fate of those defeated people were naturally determined that these countries should never be able to organize and threaten Western interests again. 
“With centuries of mercantilist experience, Britain and France created small, unstable states whose rulers needed their support to stay in power. The development and trade of these states were controlled and they were meant never again to be a threat to the West. These external powers then made contracts with their puppets to buy Arab resources cheaply, making the feudal elite enormously wealthy while leaving most citizens in poverty.”
Former US ambassador to Syria Ryan Crocker outlined the West’s strategy: "We need to come to terms with a future that includes Assad - and consider that as bad as he is, there is something worse."