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A good note from one of the Malaysiakini readers:
On this yet another eve of another Chinese New Year, it is only appropriate to skip comments on the serious and often ugly business of politics, and reflect upon the most auspicious festival for the Chinese citizens in Malaysia.

Times are hard and the market is slow. The CNY goodies imported from China are not selling well. The Chinese people have a long and painful collective memory of their suffering in the past, and their knee jerk reaction to hard times is to tighten their belt, even if they have the money to spend.

I too have my personal memory of hard times in the past. I was born in the Year of the Rat, in an address at Jalan Padungan in Kuching, shortly after WW2. My birth was a bad omen for my family, for my father’s business failed.
Bagaimana ramalan pakar terhadap tahun lembu (ox) bagi Tahun Baru Cina 2009? Baca di bawah. Mahu percaya atau tidak, bergantung kepada persepsi masing-masing. Namun bagi saya, tidak salah jika kita ambil iktibar. Beliau merupakan pengarang buku Your Fortune in 2009.

Divination specialist Clarice Georgia Victoria Chan offers some pleasant news for the coming year in her latest book. On the predictions for the Year of the Ox in 2009, Chan has this to offer: "Basically, next year will be better in comparison to the Rat year in terms of economy and general affairs.

"As this is the year of the Yin Earth Ox, it is metaphysically a harmonious year. The Ox zodiac, commonly referred to as an Earth element, also embodies three hidden elements – Earth, Metal and Water.

"As such, in the study of the five elements, the Ox is liken to a ‘metal pot’ due to its composition and is inclined to produce Metal.

"While the year itself is harmonious, it is pertinent to note that there is an absence of the Fire element. And Fire, just like sunlight, is a necessary element for the Earth element to shine and be productive.

"Having said that, the effects of the Rat year will continue to spill over to the Ox Year, so we will still feel the impact. But with resilience and hard work, we can ride out the storm."

But Chan has this advice for all of us: "Whatever it is that you do, 2009 is a time to consolidate and re-examine your goals and businesses. It is also a time to cut cost and wastage in order to maximise your output and productivity.

"For the working people, it’s advisable to set aside funds for rainy days." Chan also gave an outlook on how
Malaysia and Singapore will fare in the Year of the Ox.

"Generally, I think both countries will do better than others in the world or the region. This is because of the inherent ability of both our people to rise above difficult times and also because of our strong fundamentals."

As a final word, Chan offers: "The Ox year will benefit those who are hard working as the animal is a beast of burden. So do not try to push away responsibilities and duties if you do not want to experience any shortfall in fortune.” (Source: theSun)

Gong Xi Fa Chai
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