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4 Safar 1432H - I have to stop reading The Origin of Species as one of my friends says, “Hidup ini sangat singkat untuk membaca buku-buku yang tidak berfaedah.” Indeed, the book by Charles Darwin “The Ape” (photo) is full of misleading information in the name of science. The author didn’t prove any of his hypotheses based on actual experiments and facts. All were baseless to the core and without any authority whatsoever. This is not a science, just an ignorant of him in his elaboration to prove that all being are come from one cell, and then the process of evolution takes place.

I finished reading only 100 out of 670 pages of this book. Still, I’m not regrets buying this book because I know by reading it personally, albeit just 100 pages, I had clear understanding of what is the concept of evolution that Charles Darwin tries to indoctrinate us for such a long time. My companion for The Origin of Species is Penipuan Evolusi by Harun Yahya.

Other reason I have to cease reading this book is to concentrate on my conquest for other information for my writing. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll continue exploring this book in future. Only Allah will know better when.

One thing, maybe, that inspires me is Charles Darwin’s effort to write a long winding book that shocked the peoples around the world since 1859! The very idea that man (and all beings) had evolved over millions of years from a few ancestors was not just shocked, but baseless at the same time. The most important thing is his findings (if we can say so) were just the concept of biology that not believes the Divine intervention at all. For him, the God is just a metaphor!

He is really The Ape!


Nazri Awang said...

I think there is a need to judge the book by reading it thoroughly, and completely. Be it wrong or right, there is still many things that can be learnt from, right?

I read it sometime before, but haven't finished it, because I thought it's a bit boring. I hate anything to do with biology, Must finish it one day :).

Anyway, it's just what I thought. I could be wrong.

Web Sutera said...

Tuan Nazri, thanks a bunch for your comment. I quote, "because I thought it's a bit boring", yes you was right. Boring! I like biology, though. As I said, I'll repeat reading it, but not now. :-)