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I had done my first review for this book sometimes 7 years ago at Jaring Internet Magazine Online, but unfortunately this magazine’s site is not in operation anymore. I read from cover to cover and found that this book is very relevant at that time and still relevant till today because it focuses on very basic of digital business.

I have checked at and Barnes and Noble websites, pity they don’t have any stock available. However, you guys can check at This website has stock in their disposal, cheap book to buy here.
(Cover: Digital Business Japanese version)

Digital Business: Surviving and Thriving In An On-Line World
was an instant success when it was first published by Hodder and Stoughton ( in 1996. The hardback shot to the top of Dillon’s best-seller charts in the UK and the book was translated for Japanese and Chinese editions (both authorised and pirated).

The book was a belated follow-up to Ray Hammond’s 1984 volume, The On-Line Handbook, and it described how internet commerce had grown in the intervening twelve years.

The hardback edition of Digital Business also included a CD-ROM with Netscape Navigator (this is history, indeed! No more Netscape browser) and links to all of the companies, services and products mentioned in the text. Digital Business was the world’s first book to be published with a companion website that allowed readers to read regularly updated editions of the text and follow new links.

Title: Digital Business: Surviving and Thriving In An On-Line World

Author: Ray Hammond

Hodder & Stoughton, 1996

ISBN: 0340666609

Paperback, 288 pages