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This novel is not what I expected. I bought this book at Payless Books, Ampang Point, Ampang because of its story – about IT and hi-tech environment – and the price only RM7. I like technology thriller, but this novel bored me! Yet I finish reading it.

The synopsis at the back cover promising, unfortunately most of the content and plots are not what you can get as other good techno-thriller.
Not recommended to advanced readers, but for beginners, yes.


In Silicon Valley, profoundly deaf 12-year-old Wayne Faulkner tries to call 911 when an intruder stuns his father in the back yard - and 40,000 phones suddenly go dead. Wayne's father, Andy, can't figure out what happened, and he ought to see it at once: he's a telecom engineer, after all.

But the terrorist Interrupt is clever, and Interrupt doesn't mind murder... Andy, soon a prime suspect, must identify Interrupt before the next killing - for Interrupt has taken Wayne. But Interrupt may be anybody, even the beautiful line worker, Nell Colson. Anybody at all.

The terrorist's code name is Interrupt and he is intent on taking down the phone lines. He will not let anything stand in his way, especially the telecom engineer father of a deaf son who depends on the phone lines for everything. It will take all that the father knows to save his son and stop the ruthless modern day terrorist.