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In the midst of reading fiction (Y2K by R. J. Pineiro), I remember a very hot issue by the end of last millennium; Y2K or millennium bug. As everyone already known, the year 2000 had passed without major hiccup or catastrophe, as predicted by the IT experts at that time. The entire IT industry or PC industry the most, was working as usual.

So nobody ever talking about the Y2K bug since then, I presumed. For me, the Y2K bug is among the biggest hoax for the last millennium in IT industry. Don’t you think so?

* A retired female CIA operative falls in love with the inventor of a computer program to solve Y2K problems. When her lover is hurt by the same terrorist that ended her career, Kate returns to the field to stop a madman about to cripple the world's information systems as the clock ticks down to 2000.