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I hate the content of this book, I hate the initial price of this book (RM45), and I hate George Bush, Sr (and George Bush, Jr). But many thanks, firstly to authors namely Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin and secondly to the Malaysia’s publisher Thinker’s Library.

Initially I don’t want to buy this book because of the price. But when I saw the bargain price of RM15, I never have a second thought. I bought this book at one of the book expos (I forgot what expo, though) with the price RM15 only!

I strongly recommended this book to those who want to know in depth on how this George Herbert Walker Bush, the forty-first President of the United States came to power. Full of conspiracy; walks like conspiracy, talks like conspiracy, and acts like conspiracy.

From the publisher

This is the groundbreaking classic exposé of the Bush family, cited by all that followed it, yet still unmatched. Exhaustively documented by intensive search of dozens of archives and months of interviews with government insiders, this biography digs up all the dirt - frightening, gory, hilarious - on the Bush dynasty:

How the Bushes made their fortune building up Hitler and the Nazi war machine - Iran-Contra - Zapata's Watergate burglars - The Reagan shooting - The "war hero" story - the secret government - "Eugenic" population reduction plans - Kissinger, China, and genocide in the Third World - Luring Iraq to attack Kuwait - the Bush Leveraged Buyout Mob, theft of a nation - Jupiter Island, Skull and Bones, and other power centers.

Essential reading as long as this Anglo-American oligarchy directs American politics, this 700- page blockbuster is a vivid X-ray of the presidential dynasty, and the private forces dominating both major political parties.

“Those who betray their benefactors are seldom highly regarded. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, traitors to benefactors and to the established authorities are consigned to the ninth circle of the Inferno, where their souls are suspended, like insects in amber, in the frozen River Cocytus. This is the Giudecca, where the three arch-traitors Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius are chewed for all eternity in the three mouths of Lucifer. The crimes of Nixon were monstrous, especially in Vietnam and in the India-Pakistan war, but in these Bush had been an enthusiastic participant. Now Bush’s dagger, among others, had now found its target; Nixon was gone.

In the depths of his Inferno, Dante relates the story of Frate Alberigo to illustrate the belief that in cases of the most heinous treachery, the soul of the offender plunges at once into hell, leaving the body to live out its physical existence under the control of demon [Satan]. Perhaps the story of old Frate Alberigo will illuminate us as we follow the further career of George Bush (Sr).” (Webster Tarpley & Anton Chaitki, Sins of the Father: The Life & Crimes of George Bush, Sr).

Publisher: Progressive Press ( & Thinker’s Library

ISBN: 978-0930852924 & 967-69-0499-6 (Thinker’s Library’s version)